what makes us pür

promotes oral health

Naturally sweetened with 100% xylitol — recommended
by dentists to reduce plaque build-up and wash away bacteria.

made for everyone to enjoy

Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut and peanut-free.

swiss made & non-gmo

High quality ingredients sourced from Europe.

diabetic friendly

Xylitol is one of the lowest natural sweeteners of the glycemic index.

our mission

Simple Solutions

A healthy lifestyle begins with making healthier choices, like removing
artificial sweeteners and flavors from your everyday products!

Made for everyone

With a growing number of health-conscious consumers and
dietary restrictions, we ensure anything PUR is made just for you.
No one should feel left out!

Highest Quality

We believe in providing the highest quality products and the
best level of service for our consumers, partners, family and friends!

our promise

We will continue to innovate and create products that follow our mission to make simple substitutions so that your everyday decisions to live a healthier lifestyle are effortless.

our story

There once was a little boy with big dreams! Selling candy out of his backpack sparked an early entrepreneurial spirit that would soon become a global business putting smiles on people’s faces all over the world. As he grew up, he heard about disheartened friends and peers speak of chemical sweeteners in their everyday chewing gum, and noticed smiles began to fade. He knew it was time to give people a gum they could feel comfort in chewing, a gum they could call PUR!

Founded in 2010, PUR was built on the founding principle of making simple substitutions to promote a healthier lifestyle, at fair prices and without compromising taste or quality! With a growing number of dietary restrictions and health-conscious consumers, our small yet passionate team set out to create products that everyone could safely consume, enjoy and share! With a great product and a focus on customer service, we went door-to door, “running for mayor”, to spread the word about kicking aspartame with PUR Gum. Thanks to the humbling feedback from our consumers, we launched PUR Mints in 2015, and to this day continue to Kick Aspartame® all over the world.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our products, worry-free, no matter what your dietary restrictions may be. Each day, we continue to listen and understand the needs of our consumers, friends and family and strive to provide them with amazing products as we continue to grow all over the world.

After all, we can’t spell PÜR without Ü!

It takes passionate, purpose driven people to make amazing things happen! We collaborate, take risks, and challenge the status quo, all while having FUN! Be free to succeed.
- Cerys Cook , Director of People & Culture
My team is amazingly collaborative and supportive. I know that I can count on them to push me to do better and be better every day. They are constantly inspiring me and I count myself lucky to be surrounded by such great colleagues and friends.
- Janelle Lamothe, Graphic Designer
Working for a brand that actually makes a difference in people’s lives is something that motivates me inside and outside of work.
- Dalia Haimen, Creative Manager
Working at PUR is loads of fun and always challenging in the best way possible! Never bored, always engaged. My favorite thing about PUR is our core values and strong ambitions to be THE BEST. We’re tough, we’re competitive and we’re always up for a good laugh.
- Ken Doran, Digital Marketer
I cannot wait to see how great PUR will be in the next year, in 5 years, and in 10 years.
- Anthony Flores, Business Intelligence Manager
Jay's passion for the brand is infectious! His inspirational chats with the entire team keep everyone engaged and reaching for the stars.
- Sonia Nicola, Inside Sales
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